World's First 110-Inch, 16K TV Has Over 132 Million Pixels

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Streaming services and TV makers are still slow inching towards an 8K future, but China’s BOE thinks consumers merit amended than having to taxable their eyes to screens pinch a specified 33 cardinal pixels. The institution precocious debuted a 16K TV featuring over 132 cardinal pixels, each excessively mini for nan quality oculus to perceive, moreover pinch your look pushed up correct against nan screen.

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Vincent Teoh, champion known for nan YouTube transmission HDTVTest, which performs exhaustively broad reviews of TVs, monitors, and projectors, was nan first to spot BOE’s caller 16K TV astatine Display Week 2023, presently taking spot successful Los Angeles. The show is akin to CES, isolated from it focuses connected next-generation show technologies.

The 16K TV boasts a solution of 15,360 x 8,640 (which amounts to 132,710,400 pixels successful total), a opposition ratio of 1200:1, a 99% DCI-P3 colour gamut, and a refresh complaint that tops retired astatine 60Hz (because you request immoderate superior processing powerfulness to spell immoderate higher than that connected a show for illustration this).

A elemental illustration comparing nan solution of 4K, 8K, and 16K resolutions.

Illustration: Gizmodo

If you’re having problem visualizing conscionable really galore pixels 16K really is, here’s a useful schematic we whipped up. A 16K TV has 4 times arsenic galore pixels arsenic an 8K TV, and 16 times arsenic galore pixels arsenic nan 4K surface you’re astir apt presently utilizing astatine home. At this point, HDTV, which was a immense leap successful solution for TVs erstwhile it debuted decades ago, almost feels arsenic ancient arsenic nan modular meaning conduit TV collecting particulate successful your parents’ basement.

Teoh besides took nan opportunity to seizure immoderate video of BOE’s 16K TV, which was really displaying 8K contented that had been artificially upscaled to 16K utilizing AI. This highlights 1 of nan problems that moreover 8K TVs are still presently facing: autochthonal contented astatine those utmost resolutions isn’t easy to travel by. But our favourite characteristic of nan 110-inch TV is that you’ll find 2 pairs of handles connected nan back, making nan surface easier to transportation astir and minimizing nan consequence of an accidental drop. There’s nary connection connected what this beast will cost, but dropping it while trying to equine it to a wall will astir apt beryllium arsenic costly arsenic totaling a sports car arsenic you propulsion retired of nan dealer’s lot.

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