You Can Buy a Tetris-Playing Chicken McNugget at McDonald's in China

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A close-up of nan McDonald's China Tetris-playing Chicken McNugget, adjacent to a heap of nan existent thing.

Image: McDonald’s China

The toys that McDonald’s serves up pinch its Happy Meals are often nan champion logic to sojourn nan accelerated nutrient joint, but alternatively of targeting kids, McDonald’s successful China is going aft nuggs fans pinch a penchant for retro gaming. On waste now astatine locations crossed nan state is simply a super-sized, Tetris-playing Chicken McNugget that you’ll want to support acold distant from dipping sauces.

The Chicken McNugget has go specified an iconic portion of McDonald’s paper that you’d presume it was a debut point alongside its fries and hamburgers erstwhile nan chain’s first franchise location opened successful 1955. But nan nuggs didn’t really go disposable worldwide until 1983, making this twelvemonth their 40th day of being nan 2nd champion dunk-able point connected McDonald’s menu. And that, much aliases less, is what gave McDonald’s successful China nan inspiration to put Tetris successful a elephantine integrative nugg.

According to retro gaming tract RetroDoDo, and immoderate early unboxing videos appearing online, this handheld is simply a fully-licensed instrumentality created done a business betwixt McDonald’s, The Tetris Company, and Tetris Holding LLC, which owns nan worldwide authorities to nan celebrated puzzle game. It’s not a clone aliases a inexpensive knock-off thrown together from off-the-shelf parts, arsenic nan civilization LCD show really features nan McDonald’s arches logo.

The handhelds get successful nan aforesaid packaging that existent Chicken McNuggets are sold successful (at slightest successful China) and travel pinch a cloth carrying case. They went connected waste yesterday for 30 Chinese Yuan, which is astir $4.25 successful US dollars, and arsenic you’ve astir apt guessed, instantly sold retired crossed nan country. So if you want 1 to adhd to your collection, booking a formation to China astir apt isn’t a bully idea. Your champion attack is to support an oculus connected eBay, and fund accordingly.

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