You Can Get Tears Of The Kingdom’s Best Shield Almost Immediately

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The early hours of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of nan Kingdom don’t springiness you a really bully shield. The crippled spends a batch of clip showing you really to fuse items to your shield to get immoderate cool inferior retired of it, but if you want 1 that will return a batch of hits? Your early shield options are beautiful lacking. Luckily, Link’s iconic Hylian Shield is really beautiful quickly accessible successful nan caller Switch game. It’s vulnerable to spell alone, truthful return this useful guideline that will show you precisely wherever to go.

Type S: Chiaki’s Journey II Volume 4

First off, you’ll person to get done nan first tutorial and get backmost to Hyrule proper, truthful it will return you astatine slightest 2 aliases truthful hours to get to nan Hylian Shield’s resting place. But erstwhile you’re backmost connected nan aboveground aft Link’s travel to nan sky, getting our hero’s signature shield is simply a beautiful speedy detour. You’ll conscionable person to alert to nan docks underneath Hyrule Castle.

The Tears of nan Kingdom representation shows nan location of nan Hyrule Castle docks.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

To execute this successful nan early hours, your champion stake is to do immoderate of nan communicative missions first. Meet pinch Purah astatine Central Square, and thief her group up nan Skyview Tower. Doing this will get you nan paraglider, which will beryllium highly adjuvant successful getting to nan Hylian Shield (and for conscionable walking anyplace successful Hyrule, really). Once you’ve acquired this gift from Purah, drawback a front and arrow and caput to Hyrule Castle itself. You won’t request to really participate nan floating, cursed hellscape yet, truthful don’t interest astir having to conflict immoderate endgame-level enemies. Instead, you’ll conscionable request to navigate astir it until you scope nan backmost broadside of its perimeter, to nan north. You tin do this by climbing astir nan stone formations connected either broadside of nan castle grounds, aliases by moving consecutive done nan castle itself if you’re bold.

Once you scope nan bluish side, driblet down to nan little depths underneath nan floating castle, wherever you’ll find an opening that looks for illustration it was erstwhile for boats successful nan earlier times. Here you’ll find nan Hyrule Castle docks. The abstraction is covered pinch immoderate powerful enemies and corruption that will apt beryllium champion avoided if you’re coming present early on, but luckily, we don’t person to spell successful excessively heavy to find nan Hylian Shield.

Link is seen entering nan Hyrule Castle docks.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

Upon reaching nan docks, you’ll announcement a agelong staircase that leads to a higher level pinch a brazier surrounded by torches. Using your bow, purpose an arrow done 1 of nan torches and sprout into nan brazier. Doing this will raise a thorax from nan floor, and wrong you’ll find Link’s iconic Hylian Shield. It has a guidelines defense stat of 90, higher than immoderate different shield successful nan game. So if you want nan champion point successful nan crippled for each your blocking and parrying needs, nan Hylian Shield is simply a comparatively speedy and easy grab, moreover if you’re opening your travel successful Hyrule.

How do I find a replacement Hylian Shield?

Cece is seen trading a Hylian Shield to Link.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

Unlike the Master Sword, however, nan shield can break if it’s deed capable times, truthful moreover nan champion shield successful nan crippled is susceptible to Tears of nan Kingdom’s limb degradation. It’s besides imaginable to suffer nan shield aft getting electrocuted by an force successful battle. That’s really I mislaid it, and fto maine show you, I was devastated. Luckily, there’s a measurement to switch it should it break aliases spell missing.

To get a replacement Hylian Shield, you’ll request to complete nan four-part quest The Mayoral Election successful Hateno Village. Visit Cece’s Ventest Clothing Boutique. After a speech betwixt shopkeeper Cece and nan existent Mayor Reede, nan 2 will determine to person an predetermination to style nan early of nan village. Then you’ll person to do 4 quests, each wrong Hateno Village: One for some candidates and different for their family members Clavia and Sophie, who tin beryllium recovered astatine Reede’s location and Cece’s shop, respectively. All of this culminates successful a last segment successful which Cece’s shop opens up for business.

Cece has what she calls a “private postulation of rarities.” but what this really intends is she tin waste you immoderate of nan original loot you’ve recovered passim your travel but might’ve sold aliases mislaid on nan way. This includes nan Hylian Shield, which will tally you a whopping 3,000 rupees, but you’ll beryllium reunited pinch nan champion shield successful nan game. So it’s worthy it.

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