YouTuber Ordered to Read His Defamation Sentence Every Week on Camera

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A judge declared a YouTuber blameworthy of defaming his ex-girlfriend’s begetter and issued a reward unheard of until now, ordering nan influencer to publication his condemnation play connected his transmission for a month. Dalas Review will besides person to salary his erstwhile partner’s begetter astir $13,000 successful damages.

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The peculiar condemnation is nan latest improvement successful nan nationalist conflict betwixt Dalas Review, ineligible sanction Daniel Santomé, and his ex-girlfriend, nan streamer Miare’s Project, ineligible sanction María Rubio. According to Spanish outlet elDiario, which first reported connected nan sentence, Santomé had taken purpose astatine Rubio’s begetter successful nan couple’s spat, calling nan man an “abuser,” “an aggressor that’s afloat of shit,” and a “sick coward who’s messed up successful nan head” connected his YouTube channel. At 1 point, Santoméstated that Rubio’s begetter “likes to deed defenseless women connected nan street.”

In total, Santomé published 9 videos insulting Rubio’s father, whose sanction has not been revealed successful section reports. Santomé is an established sound successful nan Spanish streaming segment and has been progressive for much than a decade. He has much than 10 cardinal followers connected YouTube.

Santomé’s prominence successful nan streaming world played a domiciled successful nan judge’s decision, elDiario reported. The judge stated that, because Santomé had “social relevance” and was followed by “thousands of adolescents,” his insults return connected a grade of importance. The judge besides disagreed that nan YouTuber’s comments were protected state of speech.

“[It’s] difficult to judge that anyone pinch an mean level of intelligence could deliberation that by utilizing state of reside arsenic an excuse they could opportunity each of these insults, which are recognized arsenic insults by nan RAE [Royal Spanish Academy, nan language’s governing body], freely connected societal media and judge that nan target won’t consciousness attacked and that nan strategy won’t respond,” nan judge wrote.

Besides reference his condemnation and paying $13,000 successful damages, nan judge ordered Santomé to delete nan 9 videos wherever he insults his ex-girlfriend’s father. In addition, nan judge specifically highlighted nan YouTuber’s connection that Rubio’s begetter was an “abuser” and said specified mendacious accusations can’t beryllium made today, particularly considering nan government’s efforts to extremity unit against women.

In a connection connected Twitter responding to nan judge’s condemnation past week, Santomé continued to authorities that his girlfriend’s begetter had deed her and called nan condemnation an “injustice.”

“Imagine that they deed your woman successful beforehand of you, that they bargain your dog, that they harass you for years, and erstwhile you usage pinch BAD WORDS successful your consequence to this guy, they condemnation you to salary $ ‘because you’re a nationalist figure,’” nan YouTuber tweeted successful Spanish. “This is nan injustice that I person to put up pinch today.”

In a video, Santomé accused his ex-girlfriend and her family of exploiting nan lawsuit for attention. He said he would entreaty nan ruling and asked his fans for thief paying his ineligible costs. This isn’t nan first clip Santomé has had been caught successful ineligible troubles, though. In 2018, he was acquitted complete claims he sexually abused a instrumentality who was a insignificant complete lack of evidence.

Rubio, for her part, celebrated nan judge’s sentence. “We won different one,” she said connected Twitter. “To each nan creators who person received insults and been harassed by this personification aliases different toxic people, I want to say: It’s clip to extremity putting your caput down and being frightened of them, damn it. Be brave for illustration my family has been. And you’re invited for paving nan way.”

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