Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom’s Game-Breaking Item Glitch Survives First Patch

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Zelda breathes a sigh of alleviation that she tin still transcript Black Moblin Horns.

Image: Nintendo

The first of what is judge to beryllium galore updates to The Legend of Zelda: Tears of nan Kingdom dropped past nighttime connected May 18 and nan first mobility connected everyone’s mind was: Is nan infinite point glitch safe? And yes, it is. Update type 1.1.1 fixes different bugs, but fortunately not that one.

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Tears of nan Kingdom received a monolithic day-one update that helped amended capacity for a much “pleasing gameplay experience,” among different things, but type 1.1.1 is nan game’s first spot since players person been capable to get their hands connected nan crippled and observe each sorts of ways to break it. Here are nan spot notes:

Fixed rumor where, sometimes, nan subordinate could not clear main quest “The Closed Door,” moreover if they fulfilled nan conditions to beforehand nan quest.

  • If you person already encountered this issue, you will beryllium capable to clear nan quest by downloading this update data.

Several issues person been addressed to amended nan gameplay experience.

That’s bully news for anyone who was struggling pinch nan Closed Door quest, but nan vague 2nd slug constituent astir “several issues” had immoderate players worrying that precocious discovered plagiarism glitches bugs person besides gotten nan ax. Not so. As I and galore others recovered retired aft testing nan crippled erstwhile nan update was installed, you tin still usage nan bow-swapping instrumentality to transcript immoderate point you tin connect to an arrow. This includes worldly that sells for hundreds of rupees for illustration diamonds, arsenic good arsenic powerful Fuse items dropped by enemies for illustration Black Moblin Horns. Full steps connected really that point plagiarism glitch useful can beryllium recovered here.

Players discovered nary shortage of tricks successful Breath of nan Wild from supercharging items to nan powerfulness of formation through infinite jumping, but Tears of nan Kingdom’s plagiarism glitches person been amazingly easy to propulsion disconnected truthful far. Nintendo will still astir apt spot them retired astatine immoderate point, and a hotfix addressing them could driblet astatine immoderate moment. But for now astatine least, players still person immoderate clip to max retired their wealthiness and rarest items.

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