Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom’s Paraglider Is Easy To Miss, Here’s How To Get It

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Link’s paraglider is an basal instrumentality successful The Legend of Zelda: Tears of nan Kingdom, but it’s really beautiful easy to miss if you determine to commencement moving astir Hyrule arsenic soon arsenic you decorativeness nan tutorial section. If you’ve someway managed to get respective hours into nan crippled without picking up nan paraglider, here’s a speedy rundown of really to get it truthful you don’t look works adjacent clip you’re diving disconnected a entity island.

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Where is nan paraglider successful Tears of nan Kingdom?

To get nan paraglider, you’ll request to do nan To The Kingdom of Hyrule main quest. Head to nan halfway of nan representation and spell to Lookout Landing to talk to Purah, a returning characteristic and instrumentality favourite from Breath of nan Wild. She’ll show you astir a scouting group that’s searching for Link and Zelda astatine Hyrule Castle and asks you to study to Hoz and show him you’re alive. This will commencement nan Crisis At Hyrule Castle quest, but you won’t request to spot this quest done to nan extremity to get nan paraglider.

Hoz is beautiful easy to find, conscionable travel nan way from down wherever you first talk to Purah. It’s a mini trek, and erstwhile you travel crossed a gate, you mightiness beryllium confused. You tin simply locomotion astir aliases climb done nan sides of nan cliff, and proceed going up nan path, which will beryllium lined pinch worker types. Eventually you’ll scope a castle building that you’ll request to climb arsenic well, wherever he awaits astatine nan top. You’ll person a speedy relationship pinch him earlier what seems to beryllium a Zelda sighting. Careful while you’re navigating each of this, though, arsenic nan area seems prone to thunderstorms that require you to return disconnected each metallic objects.

The Tears of nan Kingdom representation shows nan location of Lookout Landing.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

Once you’ve reported to Hoz, caput backmost to Lookout Landing to talk pinch Purah. She’s moving connected a Skyview Tower, nan first of respective that you’ll find each crossed Hyrule. These are nan balanced of Breath of nan Wild’s Sheikah Towers successful that they enactment arsenic accelerated recreation points and adhd item to your map. After you’ve activated nan first 1 and landed safely connected nan ground, Purah will springiness you nan paraglider. Though unlocking nan Skyview Tower and nan Paraglider aren’t required to research nan unfastened world successful Tears of nan Kingdom, they’re beautiful basal devices to navigating nan map, and skipping them is conscionable making nan crippled harder connected purpose.

How do I customize nan paraglider successful Tears of nan Kingdom?

The Tears of nan Kingdom representation shows nan location of Hateno Village.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

Throughout your journey, you’ll person different patterns for your paraglider, but utilizing them is not arsenic elemental arsenic equipping them for illustration a caller beard aliases shield. Instead, you’ll person to caput to nan Kochi Dye Shop successful Hateno, which is recovered successful nan Necluda region connected nan southeastern broadside of nan map. It will costs you 20 rupees for each caller design, truthful person immoderate money connected manus earlier you caput over. If you person immoderate amiibo, you should scan them arsenic well, since immoderate travel pinch typical paraglider skins. Happy gliding!

 Tears of nan Kingdom.

Illustration: Nintendo

Now that you’ve sewage nan paraglider, study really to alert everlastingly pinch it. Otherwise, cheque retired the tips we wish we knew earlier playing, proposal connected side quests you shouldn’t miss, nan duplication glitch breaking nan economy, and all latest connected Hyrule’s Korok execution crisis. And moreover if you’re still stuck successful nan tutorial area, you’ll want to cognize how to extremity wasting your precious bombs. 

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